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Liberty's got you covered with

APP-Based Fundraising! The Modern approach!

  • Get More Participation

  • Keep track of orders all in the APP

  • See real time orders

  • Collect no cash/Checks (Its all CC!)

  • Increase competition between Participants

  • No upfront costs, Just sign up and go!

Image by Ashutosh Dave


Sign up! No matter if your new to fundraising or its old hat- We make things easy to get going in just a few minutes and get you raising $$$ before you finish your kickoff!

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Each fundraiser has a secure JOIN CODE allowing each participant to share and promote the fundraiser without having to go anywhere! Students can Text, Email and Post immediately and start earning before you leave the room!

Image by 金 运

Track & Motivate

Add competition to increase your earnings. Keep everyone motivated with real time results, automated encouragement, and prizes!

Completely Contactless! It is the safe way to order from Liberty. Download and use the app with your phone to reach more contacts than ever before! Send Texts, Emails, and post on social media instead of traditional methods. You can also display a QR code of your sale on your device to show others, this allows you to maintain a safe distance and let customers see and purchase items without touching you or your device.

 Liberty is now offering Direct-to-Home Shipping for your app customers as well so you dont have to count money, sort items and even deliver to your customers, ITS COMPLETELY CONTACTLESS!

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