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What's Happening During COVID?

Many schools are electing to continue remote classes while also providing an on-campus option for parents. However, among all the confusion and uncertainty funds are needed more now than ever to support the educational development and extracurricular activities like music, art, and sports.

Liberty's got you covered with

100% Hands Free Fundraising!

Curbside Pickup is a safe way to pick up orders from Liberty. With Curbside Pickup you can wait in your vehicle and our staff will bring the order to you. This allows you to maintain a safe distance when you receive your products.


What's better than Curbside Pickup? Direct-to-Home Shipping!

 Liberty is now offering an online fundraising option that allows each student's orders to be sent directly to the individual who purchased them.

The same high quality products are now available with our new Hands Free Fundraising options. Virtual kickoffs, direct shipping, larger profits and many more additional features are provided in this 100% online program. Plus our fundraisers remain fully customizable!

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Home Delivery.png

Guidelines for Students/Families to Deliver Items

  1.  Call the person who ordered and determine the best time for delivery to their doorstep.

  2. When you deliver, place the packages on the doorstep, ring doorbell and step back 6 feet or go directly back to your car. Do not wait for the person to come to the door.

  3. Wait in your car to make sure the person is home and picks up their items.

  4. DO NOT engage in conversation, shake hands, or go inside to drop off any items.

Liberty's got you covered with

APP-Based Fundraising! The Modern approach!

Completely Contactless! It is the safe way to order from Liberty. Download and use the app with your phone to reach more contacts than ever before! Send Texts, Emails, and post on social media instead of traditional methods. You can also display a QR code of your sale on your device to show others, this allows you to maintain a safe distance and let customers see and purchase items without touching you or your device.

 Liberty is now offering Direct-to-Home Shipping for your app customers as well so you dont have to count money, sort items and even deliver to your customers, ITS COMPLETELY CONTACTLESS!

App Fundraising
  • Get More Participation

  • Keep track of orders all in the APP

  • See real time orders

  • Collect no cash/Checks (Its all CC!)

  • Increase competition between Participants

  • No upfront costs, Just sign up and go!

Are you ready?
Here's a Kickoff Video for detailed instructions on how to get started!
Kickoff Video
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