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Even though this year is different, you can still deliver an unbelievable experience for your students and staff. From A/B schedules to hybrid educational models, and more—our on-campus team will align your program with your health and safety guidelines and make it memorable for every student, no matter where they are learning from. 

Our team will provide you with all the materials required to have the most successful fundraiser possible. We’ve developed a variety of fundraising programs to suit your organization’s needs.  
If you’ve already reviewed them, you may be asking yourself “what do I do next”? Here’s a list of steps that will guide you in the right direction, and if not give us call or send us an email. We’re here to provide you with best options for your group. 

Choosing Your Fundraiser 
Each of our famous peer-to-peer fundraising programs has been modified to accommodate a hands-free option! Online sales have been found to add up to 20% or 30% to the school’s overall fundraising earnings! In need of something more flexible because you have students on campus and students participating in remote learning? Tell us about your school, organization or group and let us create something unique for you! 
Prize & Incentive Program 
There are many ways to motivate your participants to sell! We have cumulative prize programs (buy 12, get 1 free), as well as incentive-based programs custom-built for your group. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our current Prize Programs. 
Fundraising Agreement 
After you’ve chosen the perfect fundraiser for your organization, let us know you’re ready! Choose your start and end dates, delivery type (school or home), plus all the other details required for a successful program.  Our recommended fundraiser duration is two to three weeks - it’s important you contact as soon as you’re ready so we can get you on our fundraising schedule. 
Parent Letters & Brochure Delivery
A week or so before your fundraiser’s start date, we’ll send you all of your participant’s packets – containing your chosen fundraising brochure, prize program, order form(s) and parent letter. Parent letters are provided by us and contain all the information regarding your sale. We also provide your participants with scripts that can be used for morning announcements or as social media posts – encouraging participants to sell while also making it easy to earn more profit.  
Kicking-Off – On-Campus or Virtual 
On-campus assemblies are still an option if that’s what you need! Steve can visit your location for an interactive and “safety first” kick-off presentation. Your participants will receive their packets along with information on how to sell products and collect money, online registration, prizes and additional instruction on how to participate in your fundraiser. Special importance will be placed on the online registration hands free fundraising option. This online element can boost your sales tremendously, as well as adding a safe and easy way to let your friends and family participate and pay directly online! 
Click here to view our kickoff video with detailed instructions on how to get started!
Online Brochure & Registration 
Participants and student’s parents will be directed to register online. During registration parents can add contact info and will receive a text that can be shared with friends and family. Plus, a special link to share their child’s fundraiser via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (This information will NEVER be stored, sold, re-used for external marketing purposes.) This is only for the duration of your fundraising program and each student’s store is privately shared by parents/guardians only. All major credit cards will be accepted on our secured shopping site.  
Packet / Order Form and Turn In  
Teachers and parents can collect fundraising packets (order forms, money, etc.) to hand over to the program coordinator. All participant order forms are computer tallied, added to online sales and double-checked to ensure accuracy and reporting. All orders taken online will be matched with each participant’s paper order form and all online payments will be applied as credit towards your final invoice. 
Once the student orders are complete (both paper and online), we will work with you to schedule delivery of the items to the school and issue you an invoice which will include only the amount owed to Liberty Fundraising Sales. The remaining balance represents your earned profit and is yours to keep and use immediately. Final invoices can be paid by check, or other means depending on your organization’s standard procedures. The best part about Liberty - we’re extremely flexible! 
Product & Prize Delivery 
We provide two quick and easy options for delivery - "curbside” and/or “hands free”! 
With curbside pickup you can wait in your vehicle and our staff will bring your order to you. All participant orders are packaged individually, and include any prizes earned. Product and prize delivery typically occur within three to four weeks after receiving the order forms from any in-hand fundraising program. Any incentive-based price programs (if applicable) can be scheduled or handed out at this time. If your organization is participating in our new hands free fundraising program, prizes are sent directly to each participant. Program coordinators will receive a detailed report/tally of your entire sale.  
For any other questions please email or call 303-984-9500 for help.
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