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Try our $1 item line up for your in-hand sales!
Pretzel Rods, Fortune Cookies, Lollipops & Chocolate Bars
Schools and organizations have outgrown their previous chocolate bar sales with this HOT item!
The $1 Pretzel Rods continue to impress! Plus, these $1 Famous Fortune Cookies was a home run this past fall season. Countless re-orders from organizations big and small, and large school-wide sales. Many successful customers have replaced 
If you haven’t tasted the product yet, you’re missing out! 
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Our Lightwaves are the Best fully Custom item for in hand sales and offer right away 50% Profit to your group and you only need to order as few as 100pcs!
The Bolt: Simple on and off
Storm: 3 Function Flash
XL Bands: Twice the space or bigger text!
Thunder: Flashes to the music!
Change things up at your school with Spirit Gripz!
Fully customized with your Logo and Colors!
Check out all the other lines of products to Light up your Spirit this year!
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Ask us for samples of these high-quality items!! 
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