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Beef Jerky Quality That You Have to Taste to Believe 
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Our beef jerky is unlike any that you have ever tasted. It is savory and tender, not dry and tough like other brands. What’s the secret? All-natural beef is used for a supremely satisfying culinary experience and pair it with the best seasoning recipes we could find. Just try it and taste the difference
• No preservatives or artificial ingredients. • No Nitrites. • No Erythorbates. 
• Made in Montana! 
While Colorado Kernel’s competitors may cut costs by using inferior products, packaging, and labeling, but they don't! And our customers love it!  
Their delicious flavors of crunchy popcorn are enhanced by the finest Guittard Chocolates, California Nuts, and Homemade Toffee mixed with the best popping corn, real butter, and pure cane sugar to create the Taste of the Rockies! Customers love our popcorn so much! Guaranteed fresh upon delivery!
 • 100% American grown corn • No added preservatives • No high fructose corn syrup • 0 grams trans fat
Non-GME Corn • Popped in coconut oil 
Ask us for samples of these high-quality snacks!! 
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