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Liberty Fundraising Sales, Inc. has been facilitating fundraisers for over 30 years across Rocky Mountain region.  We serve a wide variety of groups, from elementary and high school students to various community organizations. 
We are family owned and operated, and our small business has been passed from one generation to the next. Stephen Schroeder remembers the days when he would sit in his parents' workshop, watching them prepare orders and organize prize program bundles. Now he and his wife, Claire, are the proud owners of this great company his family built. 
Even though this year is different, you can still deliver an unbelievable experience for your students and staff. From A/B schedules to hybrid educational models, and more—our on-campus team will align your program with your health and safety guidelines and make it memorable for every student, no matter where they are learning from. 
Our Fundraising Process 


We provide all the necessary materials for a successful fundraiser. This includes prize incentives, samples, flyers, instructional handouts, chairperson guides, collection envelopes and tools to promote your fundraiser. 

Click here to view our kickoff video with detailed instructions on how to get started!


We provide envelopes for all collected cash and checks. All you do is confirm the money needed for the orders and send us a copy of the order form in a prepaid mailing envelope. 


We computer tally all your orders, then visually confirm them insuring as few mistakes as possible. We create reports so you can see individual sales and total group standing. 


Frozen Food: We personally deliver all your frozen items so that they arrive completely frozen and ready for your scheduled parent pick-up.  


Non-Frozen Items: All of the items are pre-boxed by the student for parent pick-up if you choose to ship to school or will be shipped directly to your home. 

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