We offer a hands on approach to help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals.


From Kickoff to Distribution Day we are there to help you have a well organized and successful fundraiser.

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You will need the school ID from your parent letter to register

You will need the student's seller ID from your invitational email or social media link

*Student must be registered first


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*Please remember that all frozen foods and dry goods can be shipped to the school or directly to home.

*Only Magazine Subscriptions are filled automatically.


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You will need the login ID you created from registering

How does our process work?

Kick-Off Day

We provide all the necessary materials for a successful fundraiser. This includes prize incentives, samples, flyers, instructional handouts, chairperson guides, collection envelopes and tools to promote your fundraiser. 

Collection Day

We provide envelopes for all collected cash and checks. All you do is confirm the money needed for the orders and send us a copy of the order form in a prepaid mailing envelope. 

Data Entry

We computer tally all of your orders, then visually confirm them insuring as few mistakes as possible. We create  reports so you can see individual sales and total group standing. 

Delivery Day

Frozen Food: We personally deliver all of your frozen items so that they arrive  completely frozen and ready for your scheduled parent pick-up. 

Non-Frozen Items:

All of the items are pre-boxed by the student for parent pick-up.

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Our Prize Program

This cumulative prize program is geared to elementary age students and is the default option for those groups. We also offer other prize options and incentives


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